Poetry – It’s not much to ask – is it?

It’s not much to ask – is it?

A sunset – not a gunshot

A hand – not a boot

A question and an answer

A painting – not a slagheap

A herd – not a corpse

A life worth living

A poem – not a wasteland

A tree – not a plank

A smile and an embrace

A song – not a silence

A pool – not a cesspit

Hope and friendship

A dance – not a sneer

A bird – not an oil slick

Friends not strangers

Green – not plastic

Life – not concrete

Quality not quantity

Opher 26.3.2016

It’s not much to ask – is it?

This is what I want:

  • Reduce the population
  • Stop war
  • Stop terrorism
  • Halt the chopping down of forests
  • Stop the killing of wild-life
  • Eradicate racism and sexism
  • Equality
  • Fairness
  • Eradicate fundamentalism
  • Give half the planet to wilderness
  • Live in harmony with nature
  • Laughter
  • Poetry and music
  • Friendship
  • Respect and responsibility
  • Stop the pollution
  • An end to nationalism and patriotism
  • Tolerance and compassion
  • Drama and dance
  • An end to celebrity culture and a valuing of creativity
  • A UN that stringently applies its charter of Human Rights

I want people to live together in freedom and enjoy the planet, the universe and life.

I want mystery, adventure, love and peace.

I want creativity and hope.

Now tell me – who do I vote for?

I am a realist. This is an idealistic list. But unless we reach for the stars we will not retain the earth; without dreamers there will be no dreams.

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