Poetry – This is a hit song

This is a hit song

I am alwaysamazed by the tendency of human beings to shut themselves off from reality and live in a nice little bubble. They fill the bubble with froth in a shallow, unchallenging mindlessness. They do not want to involve themselves with the real issues. They would rather live in a world of gossip and celebrity.

Pop music is created for the mass market. It takes care to not make any waves. It is sanitised and vacuous.

If you want to sell lots of ‘unit’ you take care not to upset anyone.

It’s a background nothing. It is pointless consumerism.

I want something that involves my brain and feelings.

Pop music doesn’t have to be drivel. It can be art. It can have substance.

This is a hit song

This is a hit song –

Two and a half minutes long;

Radio friendly,

Nothing contentious,

Totally trendy.

This is a hit song

Won’t offend anyone;

Says nothing,

In a sharp way,

On nothing.

This is a hit song;

Set for I-tunes.

Sweet melody

To tweak the ears

So easily.

Racing up the charts

Straight to number one

Charging into I-pods

Selling a million and one.

This is a hit song.

Opher 15.3.2016

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