Poetry – Money Down the Drain

Money Down the Drain

Fortresses missiles and castles,

Armies, tanks and planes –

What a waste.

Armour, bows, lances and bombs,

Nations, tribes and religions –

How stupid.

Instead of working together

To solve problems,

To build a better world,

We channel our resources

Into war,

Into defence,

Into hatred, worship and violence.

How ridiculous.

Power and politics,

Deceit, territory and ownership;

Rhetoric and rabble rousing,

Fascist supremacy –

How sad.

Why don’t we put all of the rubbish aside

And use our energies for better purposes?

Opher 29.1.2016

Money Down the Drain

Everywhere I go around the world it is the same story. There are citadels, fortresses and castles, an arms race, defences, warfare and violence.

Most of our resources are put into war and weaponry.

All over the world we are building civilisation and knocking it down. We squander all our resources. We burn and destroy.

Everywhere I go around the world it is temples, mosques, synagogues and cathedrals, as each religions tries to outdo its rivals in lavish splendour; as if they need to prove their story is the best. It must be right because you only have to look at the wonder of those huge edifices built in whichever god’s name.

The hours spent in worship. The sacrifices made.

We never learn from history.

Germany and Japan, reduced to rubble, rose as pacifist States who, instead of squandering their resources on armies and weaponry, put their wealth into their economy.

Once we have outgrown the primitive notions of tribal nations and superstitious religion, we can begin to build the glorious architecture and art of the future.

It is time for us to think globally – one people – one world – one solution.

A world governed rationally; our resources used to solve problems instead of creating them; an end to hatred, racism, sexism and poverty.

We require global protection of the environment, as well as peoples’ rights and freedoms.

We need to stop throwing money down the drain. We need to stop the power-mad religious leaders and politicians leading us into division, hatred and war.

One world – one people – one solution – TOGETHER.

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