Poetry – I am an accident

I am an accident

I am a single accident

In a universe of accidents.

Each moment is a complete new universe

To experience and explore,

Loose within the fabric of organised chaos.

No one thing is left to chance;

Everything is left to chance.

My mind churns through the possibilities,

Seeking answers;

All I see emanating from humanity

Are lies, deception and disease.

We taint the purity

With the halitosis of our words.

Even the holiest words

Become profane abuse

To facilitate power

Rancour and hatred.

The mystery of chance is encapsulated

Between the lines.

That is where the truth of eternity lies –

Between the lies

Between the lines

Between the signs………

Opher 23.1.2016

I am an accident

My never ending fascination with reality continues. I love everything to do with the universe, life and infinity. It is amazing.

I have found no answers. I do not think there are answers in any of the holy books. They seem to me to be men (very few women) trying to find answers to the perennial questions of life and death. I suspect there are no answers. I see verses of poetry, moral instruction and political rhetoric from millennia gone by. Teachings that are meant to illustrate life and answer our questions and fears concerning the after-life. I do not find them convincing. What I do see is the way they are used by politicians and religious leaders to gain power and influence, accumulate wealth, live in luxury and control others. Religion is not about providing answers so much as creating prestige and raising people up. It is a weapon of the establishment to control the masses.

The reality of space, time and life is far stranger than anything written in holy books from semi-civilised times. We are only now piercing the world of quantum mechanics, subatomic particles and the mysteries of the Big Bang. There is an underlying chaos within the order. There is a conundrum.

Humans love mystery. I am human. Rather than create creeds to indoctrinate children with and foster hatred I would prefer to appreciate the wonder of a sunrise, the splendour of a creature or the beauty of a landscape. If there is such a thing as spirituality then I believe it is within those things, plus a little love and friendship – not any book of words.

I believe the universe, and life, is the result of random chaos, chance and a few basic physical laws.

Nothing more. We are all accidents worth celebrating. The fact that we are here and able to appreciate it is as near to a miracle as I’m ever likely to get. If that isn’t worthy of celebration what is?

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