Poetry – Catered for

Catered for

I am catered for.

They take me into account.

I am tolerated


And ignored.

I am allowed,

Taken into consideration

And exploited.

As if my rebellion is part of the scheme.

They have that smug, knowing smile

As if I am senile.

I am part of the equation

Whatever I do

Will be used against me.

There is no escape.

It is all-consuming.

That is why they are so smug.

They welcome my protest;

It lets off steam

Gives the appearance of radical


Yet is benign

And can be incorporated

Into chic fashion,

Like Che,

Like Mao, Marley and Lennon,

Wind from the arse of humanity!


Just wind.

Opher 21.1.2016

Catered for

I find it scary to think that this global machine that mankind has created is now out of control. There are a tiny elite of the rich and powerful who, either directly as a consortium (the illuminati), or indirectly directing us towards the scene of a mighty downfall. All they want is more. More money, more influence, more power, more possessions. It is a disease and they will never have enough.

This small group own the world. They buy off, bribe and control. They influence the politicians, the media and create their version of ‘the truth’. We are bought and sold. We are directed. We are told how to vote and what to think.

They steal our dreams.

These faceless psychopaths have amassed wealth at the expense of everyone else. War, poverty, pollution, environmental destruction – it is all a by-product of their activity.

All rebellion, revolt and opposition is predicted, absorbed and nullified. The rebels become icons of the establishment and exploited for profit.

The whole world is becoming a theme park.

I can shout until I pass out from lack of oxygen but they will merely deal with me in their myriad ways.

We are the docile majority queuing at the gates of Dachau.

I am harmless!

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