Are our Government and the BBC Corrupt??

Now that the BBC has been loaded with Tories has it become a propaganda machine for the Tory party?

Do it’s reporters adequately question government policy and put politicians on the spot?

Do they merely mouth the political lines they are being fed?


10 thoughts on “Are our Government and the BBC Corrupt??

  1. To readers: Can you tell the difference between rhetoric, propaganda, and the real? All too often, why the youth grow up voting for corruption is because they didn’t. But their parents allowed the propagandists and disinformation to educate them.

    1. A very good point Dolphin. I guess it starts with the perspective you grow up with. Some question, some don’t. Some are brought up with strong prevailing attitudes, some aren’t. Some can see through the bullshit and some can’t. I think that reading widely helps.

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