Poetry – And never a question asked

And never a question asked

Safety, comfort and ease,

Is the mantra of the modern world.

Superficial, artificial and pointless,

Is the new way of things.

If anything dares to live……

If anyone cares to be different……….

And never a question.

Shallow pleasures

With laughter and jollity,

But no spirit or substance.

Light to the mind –

Easy to the taste –

Lest it disturbs thoughts.

And never a question.

No depth or meaning

To ripple the mind.

Purchasing and consuming

Are the only purpose.

Numerals on a loyalty card –

And never a question.

Opher 16.1.2016

And never a question asked

I’m on board a ship heading for South America – a two hulled Russian ice-breaker, full of old, and mainly fat, British people with minds to think but most with a propensity for trivia. Life on board is a round of games, fun, grumbles, indulgence and pointlessness.

They read, for the most part, trite rubbish. Around them is a huge ocean where life and death are played out before our eyes. It is not reflected in the literature. It is all escapism with no depth.

We crossed the equator to the performance of a juvenile enactment of penance to King Neptune. The gods of the past, feared and respected, were now fair fodder for farce just as the gods of today will become in days to come.

It is 2016 and everywhere the global corporation is sucking the life out of the planet as society is guided away from the natural into the synthetic. All products have inbuilt obsolescence and an endless stream of new models. We have to replace the old. It’s a game of catch-up.

We are consuming the planet for a mad game. We are creating and nurturing desires for profit – for nothing more than profit.

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