Poetry – To be a famous celebrity

To be a famous celebrity

To be a famous celebrity –

Nothing less will do for me!

I crave for a penthouse suite,

A huge yacht,

And all that you’ve got!

I yearn for the fame and luxury –

Nothing less will do for me!

To get all that

I’ll rob the poor and my old mum

And even put a tariff on my bum.

I desire to join the Jet-set crew –

For me, nothing less will do!

I don’t care if millions starve and die!

As long As I’m not forced

To wonder why.

Wealth and fame for me is due –

For me, nothing less will do!

It doesn’t worry me

If we kill everything –

Every damn last tree!

I need that money to make me free!

Nothing less will do for me!

You know I’m worth it!

You know

I deserve it!

Much more than you!

Nothing else will do!

Opher 2.1.2016

To be a famous celebrity

Every now and then I catch a glimpse of Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent and I am sickened all over again. Forty years ago I was sickened when the Americans squealed and went mental over Pop dross. I thought it could not happen here. We were more discerning, more reserved.

But we are not.

The celebrity culture, support of trash, and desire for wealth is more pernicious than ever.

Back in the sixties we thought we were actually building a better future based on values; where wealth, fame and elitism were banished. We thought we’d dispensed with the superficial and were looking for something deeper – friendship, spirituality, coexistence with nature, respect for difference, fun, enjoyment, relationship, music, dance, art, culture, equality, freedom…………………..

We recognised that fame and wealth does not bring happiness; that this mad rush for personal wealth and power (always at the expense of others) was no recipe for fulfilment. Life is not a race; it’s a sharing of spirit.

No lessons were learnt.

The game is played by a tiny minority who cream off the wealth and power, buy off the politicians, own the media and fool us all into slaving for their prosperity.

Nobody ‘earns’ a million pounds – let alone a billion or two. They accrue that by exploiting others.

The inequality of the world, the environmental destruction, war, poverty and desperation are the direct result of policies created by those who benefit!

We are fed pap in order to keep us quiet. We have carrots dangled so that we feel we can become one of ‘them’.

We buy lottery tickets and work like hell to join the ‘In Set’. We want to be on TV and be elevated.

I watched the Apprentice with its naked avarice and back-stabbing desire to claw their way to the top, to bend every rule and – WIN!!!

It’s disgusting, empty, vacuous and utterly destructive.

I do not want to live my life at the expense of every other living person and creature on this planet. I’m not worth it! Nobody is!

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