Poetry – Sparking with Eccentricity

Sparking with Eccentricity

I have this pink blancmange

Full of electricity

That houses the thoughts

That are the essence of me;

Convoluting tubes

Sparking with eccentricity;

Grooves and ridges

Retaining my imaginative


I spark!

                I light up!

                                And I fly!

That gelatinous



With the warmth

That is I.

Opher 1.1.2016

Sparking with Eccentricity

I sit and wonder where the thoughts come from, where the words appear. There is a process happening inside my brain but the manner of it is not clear.

Under my skull there is a large pink gelatinous mass that is my brain. It flows with blood and electricity – a jelly of cells with intricate neuronal networks of trillions. It throbs. I like to imagine it glowing even though I know it does not.

Within this jelly my thoughts and dreams are formed. My awareness of myself is constructed and my consciousness created.

When I stop to think about the physical and biochemical processes involved I am astounded. It is magical. To think that chemistry is the basis of my personality.

When I stood in front of others to speak I was so in awe of the process that I was never confident that the right words would ever form. I could imagine myself standing there with an empty head.

As I get older the words often play hide and seek with me. But I eventually track them down.

The wonder of consciousness is one of life’s great mysteries. But it does not make me believe in even more esoteric beliefs. Life is amazing. But I believe we will understand it in time to come. Science adores a mystery.

The incredible spectacle of the universe, life and consciousness are part of the phenomenon that gives life purpose and fills me with ecstasy. That’s enough.

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