Poetry – It Must Be Love

It Must Be Love

Flooding chemistry,

Electricity flowing,

Hormones raging,

Emotions growing.

Hand in glove –

It must be love.

Centres firing,

Skin perspiring,

Full with energy,

Never tiring.

Hand in glove –

It must be love.

Forever laughing,

Often bathing,

Eyes connecting,

Soon to be expecting

Hand in glove –

It must be love.

Opher 13.12.2015

It Must Be Love

Love. What could be better?

Nothing makes you glow like love, puts colour in the world, and makes everything positive.

All the worries go. The whole universe becomes focussed on one person; someone you would willingly sacrifice yourself for.

It may all be chemistry in the brain, a mundane firing of neurones, a stimulation of nerve centres along with a concoction of hormones, but it is real. There is no excitement like it to bring you out in wide-eyed blushing, sweats and heart thumping ecstasy.

Love makes you feel good.

You fit together perfectly. No one else would ever do.

You want to be perfect for them.

To be with them makes everything perfect.

For love is pair-bonding. It is the prelude to family; the vehicle for selecting genes to merge with yours in progeny.

Love is biology.

Love is magic. Love is all you need.

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