Poetry – Ripples


This was inspired by Calansariel who puts nice comments on my blog. She was talking about how energy never wears out but goes on for ever and so, in effect, so do we.

I have this crazy notion that we are all connected by this zeitgeist we produce and so had the inspiration to meld the two ideas together; our energy rippling out to touch everyone around us and help create the mental climate of the future.

We are building the zeitgeist in which we flourish. We can make it positive and change the world for the better.

Our mental ripples will caress humanity for the rest of time.

It’s a nice thought.

The poem is exactly as it came out of my head just now. It probably needs a lot of work – this is it raw. I’ll work on it later.


Ripples in an infinite sea

Of energy

And possibility.

Brushing minds

As they pass,


Swirling the thoughts


So clever

They evade credibility.

Ripples of a life

From you and me

To echo

Through time


The weather.


Most intimately

Our dreams


And schemes

As we alter

The climate

In which we swim

And create

New electricity,

New hope

For you and me

Amid this


We are building

A new vision

A zeitgeist

As our ripples


What will surely be.

Opher 4.9.2015

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