Poetry – I’m a Bit of a Monkey

I’m a Bit of a Monkey

We’re all bits of monkeys –

Monkeys that evolved into apes.

We monkey around all day

Performing the most incredible japes.

We’re the apes with the big brains and mean disposition,

The intelligence and altruism.

We’re the consciousness perfectors

And tax inspectors,

The apes that went to the moon.

We think we’re so clever, and we know it

Preening the remains of our hair,

Just to show it,

And prancing like overgrown loons.

I like melon and I like grape

I’m happy to be an ape.

Opher 15.8.2015

A Bit of a Monkey

My Mum always told me I was a bit of a monkey; little did she know.

We think that we’re so clever that we’re not even animals. We have been made by some divine hand from scratch.

But I know I’m an overgrown ape. I have all the DNA to prove it and no sign of an oversize finger-print.

I share a lot of my DNA with monkeys – we’re distant cousins.

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