Poetry – Obscure Souls – A guest post from Amber

Amber has sent me this poem through about the homeless. It is a condemnation of our society that we tolerate homelessness, isn’t it?

A big thank you to Amber.


Does anyone think of our fellow souls

Lost and deep in obscure black holes

The homeless out on the streets

With nothing to eat

Shivering and shaking

A sure death in the making

The mentally ill locked up inside

Dreaming of the world outside

Love and support is what they truly need

I don’t believe that’s what they are getting in places similar to a weed

The old people in homes

Looking out of glass windows

Their figures cast in the shadows

The people living on their own

With no one at home

Lonliness and suicide, they are all alone

The mother’s and father’s struggling to feed their children

The night workers keeping this matrix going

People want to be overthrowing

But war on peace

Will not equal what you want

Where are these people

In the midst of time

It’s something I want to remind

The world of

These parts of the universal fabric

Need our help

Why can’t we hear their yelps?

Will they ever get true help?

With a system designed

To set us up for failure

This society has no allure

Just know you are in my mind

One day will be the time

When you are free

To be healthy, strong and happy

You hold a place within me.

-DiosRaw 15/01/21 

You might like to check out Amber’s blog. There are a lot more delights to be found over there:


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