Poetry – Between Something & Nothing

Between Something & Nothing

Between something and nothing

The ebb and the flow

The words that have meaning

And the ones we let go.

Between truth and fiction

And the dreams that we make

The life that we live

Asleep or awake

Between now and never

What is and is not

The ones that are guilty

And the ones that get shot

Between all we hold dear

And the things we must fear

Lie the questions we ask

As we peek through this mask

At a dream that’s not clear

We appear

To be here.

OPHER  26.11.96

On our first day we open our eyes into a brand new universe. It blinks into existence.

We accept the majesty of it as real and base our lives on the concrete character of its unchanging nature.

We only see a fraction of its reality. We glimpse the rest at best. Our instruments are our spectacles.

So what is this consciousness we hold so dear? A product of biochemistry? An evolutionary phenomenon?

Our awareness is an incredible and amazing delight.

Without it where would we be?

8 thoughts on “Poetry – Between Something & Nothing

  1. Nicely done Opher! Indeed, the eternal question, what is the fundamental nature of reality and how do we relate to it: one’s unique perception is undoubtedly key to the way in which we experience the world.

    ‘Without it (awareness) where would we be?’ – blind to ourselves and others, uninspired by our wondrous universe, and without desire for self-realisation?

    It seems to me that the closer we get to understanding reality the more we acknowledge how dynamic, energetic, and transforming it is: always in a state of transition…there seems to be little that is actually stable, fixed, or unchanging upon which to fixate. Far easier perhaps to align oneself with that constancy of change and remain fluid in relation to our inner and outer worlds?

    Enjoy your day. Stay safe!


      1. Thanks Opher.

        Wondrous as reality is in our ever-changing universe, there is always room for consideration of the supernatural…after-all, some force of will, intrinsic in all things, perpetuates the underlying processes of conception, emergence, existence, entropy and disappearance.


      2. Cheers Dewin.
        The universe is amazing. So much is unknown. I think religion has had a bad effect for me with all its power games and bollocks. Likewise a lot of the NewAge silliness. Reality is weird. Mysticism is real.

      3. Perhaps one day science will reveal the mysteries of existence already known to the sagacious Mystic: a great convergence of head and heart.


      4. To what fantastic ends scientific endeavor will take the human-race remains to be seen, but I imagine that will be determined by the hand that controls the proverbial microscope. One hopes that hand is benevolent.


      5. So do I Dewin. There is the fear.
        I think that when science has developed further it will be indistinguishable from mysticism.

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