The Corona Diaries – Day 193

A dreary day here in Yorkshire – not much fun to go out in the rain – so I stayed in and sadly did my 45 mins of jogging indoors. I’m keeping up my fitness, doing my steps and getting into better shape than Trump or Johnson.

I’ve been working on my Harper book and playing some Otis Rush. It’s amazing how quickly the days are passing. 193 – it’s well over half a year!

I’ve just been talking to a friend – he and his wife have been really ill. It sounded like Covid to me but they didn’t get tested.

I think the public in general are still bemused by the policies. As a society perhaps we need to get our values right – births, funerals and weddings have been severely hit with all manner of restrictions – but pubs are fine!

Fines are being handed out to the general public for breaching the rules but not to Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s Dad, Margaret Ferrier or Jeremy Corbyn. Smacks of unfairness. They should be made an example of not let off Scot-free. (Notice the little dig).

There is further hypocrisy with Twitter. It seems you are not allowed to send a tweet wishing him dead or really ill. Tweets will be removed. Yet millions of people receive death threats and abuse on a daily basis. Why are they protecting that evil arrogant fool and not ordinary people?

I notice that many of the well-wishes for Trump have added a barb or two. This was from China:

“President Trump and the first lady have paid the price for his gamble to play down the COVID-19,”

But not only has he brought this on himself but he has encouraged the American people to behave as stupidly as him. The event in the White House Rose Garden was a good example – a big gathering, no masks or social distancing, handshakes and hugs. They were asking for trouble. No wonder a number of them have gone down with the disease. They deserve it.

So far three Republican senators have contracted the disease. Perhaps there is a god? It throws the Ginsburg replacement into a bit of doubt. The immoral bastards were hoping to rush it through. Maybe the Democrats should rush it through and chuck it out??

In the UK we have another 6,998 new cases and deaths jump to 79.

In the USA its gone up to 48,252 new cases (including the Rose Garden idiots) and 863 deaths.

In Brazil its 33,431 new cases and 708 deaths.

We’re all a bunch of fools being led by morons. The whole world’s in a mess!

Stay safe – hopefully all the idiots will not wear masks or distance, will eat their burgers and french fries, and all die off!

That’s evolution! Survival of the fittest!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 193

  1. It’s a little bit more complicated than that, Opher.

    You raise one of the key questions; how many people have had COVID without symptoms, or with mild symptoms they never reported? You friends (and I, I think) fall into the second category. The ONS were supposed to be working this out with their “Pillar 4,” but as far as I can tell that has gone nowhere. Their last report I saw suggested there were a little more than twice as many actual new cases as confirmed. My gut feel says that’s low.

    As to restrictions, you should consider the possibility that they’re simply trying to get away with as much as they think they can. People who go to funerals?… not a political force. People who drink in pubs?… they might get together and react badly. Hold off for now…

    And yes, the political class are being allowed to get away with forcing unreasonable “laws” on us, while disregarding these same “laws” themselves. That’s a consequence of the awful system of state “sovereignty” we live under. I’ve already written a lot about that, and there’s more to come.

    I’ve just re-worked some of my “magic spreadsheets,” and the deaths per case (with a 28 day lag) in the UK are now down well below 0.2%. I think one of the major issues is, where is the finishing line? How much less dangerous than ’flu does this thing have to become, before we just say “let’s just live with it from now on?” But from the political class’s point of view, the answer has to be “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

    Oh, and it’s pissing down with rain here too. For the third day in a row.

    1. The number of asymptomatic cases, or unreported cases must be large, I would think.
      I don’t think it’s about controlling people Neil. This is happening right across the globe. This disease not only causes death but leaves many people severely handicapped. It isn’t comparable with flu.

  2. As my old mum used to say, they haven’t got the brains they were born with! Very hard to feel sympathy with covidiots, horrible word but these are ghastly times! All power to your many recreations, Opher, and you can’t do better than Otis Rush!

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