Democracy – and how to finally get some.

We live in a democracy – except we don’t.

A democracy is when the people make the decisions – we’ve seen what a mess that is with Brexit.

So we have a representative democracy. We appoint people who are wiser, more intelligent and knowledgeable than ourselves to make decisions on our behalf.

That doesn’t seem to work too well either.

The people we vote into office turn out to be stupid, ignorant and uncaring.

So why do we keep voting them in?

There are a number of reasons for that:

  1. The system – in order to become elected they have to have a huge, expensive propaganda machine behind them. The people who control this propaganda machine want people they can control. People who will put into place the laws and policies that favour them. Political parties are controlled by the establishment. We end up with a limited choice from the candidates the establishment put forward. Nobody else stands a chance.
  2. The media – the media are owned by wealthy establishment figures. Through the spin and propaganda they pour into peoples’ minds they control what the electorate think. We can see that after forty years of anti-EU propaganda and the shit-storm that was directed at Corbyn. The establishment wanted Brexit and they thought Corbyn would be a threat to their privileged position.
  3. The stupidity, naivety and gullibility of us, the general public. Half the population have an IQ below a hundred. Political education is extremely poor – most people do not know how the political parties were formed or what they stand for. The constant stream of lies and spin that comes at us from the media creates a suspicion of all news. We don’t know what to believe. Issues are so complex and interwoven that you have to be an expert to understand them. So we are easily manipulated.
  4. The tendency for sociopaths to fool people and gain power. Sociopaths, because they really do not care – indeed, might actually gain pleasure from hurting people, have a tendency to rise to powerful positions. They don’t care who they hurt. They do not agonise over decisions. They appear black and white and decisive – characteristics that people look for in a leader. Only when they are in power do we realise what mean, selfish bastards they really are.
  5. Power corrupts. Nice people, who were caring, become narcissistic, selfish bastards. They begin to believe that they are indeed better than everyone else and deserve all the wealth and sycophancy that goes with their position. It’s an addiction. It makes them sociopathic.

So how do we make democracy work? I’ve a few ideas:

  1. Educate the people so that they can understand much better what is going on.
  2. Control the media so that it is unbiased and fact-checked. Stop the establishment elite from owning it and using it as a propaganda tool.
  3. Fund election from the public purse on a very limited budget so that the establishment is not in control of it.
  4. Make politicians accountable so that at any point the people can vote them out, not just in elections.

I do not believe we can have a democracy while the establishment are in control of the system and the media!

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