The brilliant Pretty Things at Skegness – Photos

I just heard the sad news that Phil May is dead!!
Following surgery after falling off his bike! What an incredibly sad loss!
I last saw them two years ago!! They used to be regulars on the sixties circuit back in the Underground days!!
Thanks Phil for all the good times!! I’ll miss you!!

Opher's World

It has been decades since I last saw the Pretty Things. During their psychedelic phase they used to play around the college circuit in London and I caught them a number of times. They were always great.

Back when they started out, and I was a mere lad of fifteen/sixteen I thought they were superb. Phil May’s hair was the longest and they were the ultimate rebel band. On telly they even put them in a cage. They were as big as the Stones to me. I loved those early singles – Rosalyn and Don’t Bring Me Down. They never disappointed. All those great R&B covers and the songs like Midnight To Six Man, Buzz The Jerk and great B-sides like Can’t Stand The Pain. I was always playing my stuff at maximum volume and my Mum used to keep shouting at me to turn it down. I used to…

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