Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Greta puts us to shame!

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I’ve voted Labour all my adult life, in every single election – whether local, national or European. But on Thursday I’m going to break the habit and vote Green.

I’m attracted by their coherent policy on Brexit, sure, though I’m equally drawn to the message so clearly given below by this remarkable young lady and endorsed by so many of her peers around the world. It really is time to listen to those who will be most affected by the future we are giving them.

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4 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. While the “green new deal” sounds like a game changer, it’s not. It has no “teeth” & “renewables” are just as tied to OIL as you EV, computer & YOU.
    “Renewables” would not even exist without OIL, OIL is needed to MINE their raw materials, OIL is needed to transport, process & manufacture their components & as an essential raw material.
    “Renewables” are just another way to PROFIT from BURNING OIL!

    We are just too dam overpopulated, our essential resources like OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS are either in decline or will soon decline. Without enough of these FOSSIL RESOURCES, most of us & this civilization would not exist.

    Without enough OIL for example, we would not even be able to just feed ourselves as our agricultural system is totally dependent upon OIL, fertilizer is produced from natural gas & OIL, most of our transportation is powered by OIL, most of our mining, fishing & manufacturing is powered by OIL & OIL is an essential RAW MATERIAL something that those “renewables” produce none of.
    What we should have been doing starting DECADES ago was to STOP POPULATION GROWTH, & stop producing one use throw away products like plastic bags, plastic table ware, plastic wrappings, etc.
    Now millions of sea animals are dying because they have eaten plastic mistaking it for “food”, most whales are filter feeders so they filter out the plastic along with plankton their normal food, now they are dying on our beaches with stomachs full of PLASTIC!

    Without enough oil, only about 500 MILLION of us would exist, not the current 7.6 BILLION.
    The “green new deal” is just pretty sounding HOPIUM!

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Yep – you are right. The biggest problem of all is overpopulation. That is what is killing us! There are just too many people, killing too many animals, chopping down too many trees!
      That ‘one use’ plastic is a huge pollution. I’m right with you.
      But I do think that renewables are part of the answer! If we can get transport and machines running on electricity produced by wind, solar and tide we will reduce our need for oil. Unfortunately the oil industry does not agree and are kicking up a fuss!

      1. The newest & best solar cells have an efficiency rating of only 23% & because they can only convert weak, dispersed, intermittent solar energy into only electricity at only 23%, we can never produce enough of them to power our machines or manufacturing.

        Can you even imagine how many thousands of square MILES/KILOMETERS of solar panels it would take just to power a small town? Where would we get the RESOURCES & ENERGY to build so many panels & when they wear out, then what?
        We would also need miles/kilometers of BATTERIES! Their life span is even shorter than solar panels & the resources to produce them is in even shorter supply!

        Those panels would cover up wildland, farmland, forest land putting what’s left of our wildlands in even more danger from US!
        Even worse, solar power produced NO resources/raw materials & without that, we will still collapse!

        Solar panels are useful for wealthy people living in sunny areas in energy efficient homes so they can reduce their electric bill but they also reduce the income of the grid owners leaving those too poor to afford solar & renters end up paying more for their electricity.

        “Renewables” are not the solution to too many humans & declining resources & energy, they would only speed up the decline of our essential resources & burn up OIL faster.

        “Renewables” are a false hope good only for making PROFITS as long as the OIL AGE lasts & you cannot produce solar panels without OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS.

      2. Sheila, I recently did a post about the new solar plant out in Morocco which produces enough electricity to power a city.
        22% efficiency is great. That means that it is converting 22% of the sun’s energy to electricity. That is staggeringly good.
        In the UK our renewable energy has tripled in the last 5 years and is growing at a fast rate. Coal has gone down a third. We now produce 25%of all our energy through renewables.
        Yes Solar panels can look ugly. They need a design make over and then need incorporating into all new builds so that they do not look ugly add-ons or take up agricultural land.
        You don’t need strong light to work a solar panel. What we do need is more tidal energy, wind and hydro. That would solve a lot of the intermittency. But the Moroccan project was able to store the power for 5 hours. As our batteries improve it will even things out (especially as our energy needs go down at night).

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