Poetry – To be British – The real British spirit.

What it is to be British.

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This is my latest book of poetry. This poem is not in it but it gives you an idea of the type of work I produce.

To be British

I am not a patriot. I despise nationalism. I do not wish to fight or die for my country.

I am a man. I love my freedom and the philosophy by which I live – the right of all men and women to be free and live in a spirit of harmony, love and equality.

That is a cause worth fighting for.

I am a pacifist and a citizen of the world.

I believe in the rights of all living creatures and their right to live undisturbed by man.

I love nature.

I am never short of a cause.

But last night I was mining a vein of emotion as to what it was to be British and whether I had…

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