Featured Book – Rock Music – The Blues Muse – The cover

I hope you like it.

Opher's World

I used a photo I took of Arthur Brown quite recently. He was looking very bright and a little forlorn. But I liked the image and thought it fitted the bill.

This is the photo:

When it was cropped to fit the book size and had the title strap it looked like this:

I liked the effect.

If you have enjoyed my writing and would like to purchase one of my books I have put some links to my best Rock books below:


In The USA:


In Search Of Captain Beefheart

The Blues Muse



Rock Routes

In The UK:


In Search Of Captain Beefheart

The Blues Muse


Rock Routes


In other part of the world please check your local Amazon!


Thank you for looking and please leave a review if you enjoyed the book!!

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