Lewis Forsyth- The teachings of White Eagle

Now available.

Opher's World

The work of my grandfather, who was a spiritualist healer and medium, have now been written up into a small 20 page book. I have written a short introduction and brief biography to go with them.

The writing are a bit of an heirloom – the only things I have of my grandfather. I thought they deserved to be in print.

The digital version is now available on Amazon. The paperback will follow shortly.

In the UK;

In the USA:

Opher Goodwin

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9 thoughts on “Lewis Forsyth- The teachings of White Eagle

  1. Spiritualist healer and medium?
    Were you able to say that with a straight face? Lol.
    And here’s you following in his footsteps cajoling the weak willed and the unwitting to cross your palm with silver.

      1. I suspect it’s not so much interesting as it is insane.
        Which circus troupe are you travelling with? Where may I find your tent Gypsy Opher?
        Next to the ‘Bearded Lady’ cage or the ‘Dancing Chickens’?

      1. I don’t think it’s too far fetched to suppose that anybody practising as a medium is not a gypsy. They are also known for asking that their palms to be crossed with silver.
        They tend to hang out at the circus and fun fairs. I’ve yet to see a consultancy surgery in Harley Street.
        I note that humour is not a particularly strong forte of yours. That’s of little wonder with those genes. Lol.

  2. I see (in the literal sense).
    Do you have any proof of this spiritual healing?
    Isn’t that just a fancy name for complete bullshit fraudster?
    Was I confusing mediums with gypsy fortune tellers?
    I suspect that they are much the same thing.
    Have you completely lost it?

    1. Lol Sarah – no I haven’t lost it. If you were to read the article you would see that I was very skeptical of my grandfather and his skills – though others were convinced enough to write a book about him.
      I published the work because it is the only thing I have of my grandfather and it was a family heirloom.
      Not to worry if you don’t get it. It’s no big deal.
      BTW – spiritualism has nothing whatsoever to do with fortune telling.

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