Las Palmas – The Canaries

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Las Palmas – The Canaries


Me peering from the bows as we nose in


Inside the church


Butterflies, cacti and dragon trees


The volcanic caldera


View from the volcano


Christopher Columbus’s house


Heading out


Heading in

After the Bay of Biscay the weather iproved, the sea calmed and they unlashed us from the mast!

They even took the metal plates off our two port-holes so we could see the sea and the sky.

I took position at the bows. We were heading for the Canaries. I watched for flocks of small yellow birds and listened for tweeting. It was impossible to hear over the throb of the deisel engine and splash of the swell.

The breeze was warm.

It was early morning when we nosed into the Canaries – a great volcanic island with exotic cacti, flowers and butterflies. Las Palmas was old and a bit decrepid. We headed off for…

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