Poetry – The Human Zoo

We need to learn to care.

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The Human Zoo

I find it hard to contemplate living on a planet without wilderness or wild-life. But every year we are chopping away at it. Another irreplaceable chunk of jungle or wilderness is destroyed.

All we seem to think about is people.

This planet is not just people. It is a delicate web of interconnecting life. That plant and animal life is responsible for the air we breathe and the climate we live in. Yet we are recklessly destroying it at a huge pace.

Animals are being driven to extinction. The insects are down 50%.

Soon there will be no wild living tigers, rhinos, elephants, gorillas or chimpanzees.

Most people do not seem to care. They see nothing wrong. To them wild-life is a nuisance.

I am appalled.

I love animals. I adore nature.

The biggest threat is our burgeoning numbers. We have doubled our population since 1970. We…

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