Brexit does not mean Brexit! Let Parliament decide! That’s Democracy! So Democracy or Tyranny?

Let’s have a proper grown-up debate in parliament! It is time the Tories stopped being so puerile.

Opher's World

Brexit means Brexit.

What a stupid thing to say!

Just as there were a whole range of reasons in peoples minds for voting to get out of the EU there is a spectrum of ways of going about it.

The two ends of the spectrum are:

A soft Brexit – in which we break ties with the EU but stay in the European Market.

Or a Hard Brexit – in which we break all ties with Europe.

Theresa May is assuming that the British people voted for a complete break. That is rubbish. The question was never put to them. She is making gross assumptions. I am convinced that the vast majority of people in this country do not want to completely break the country financially, throw away their grandchildrens’ future in the process and cut themselves off from European culture.

The cost of a soft Brexit (according to treasury…

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