A Stupid Woman leading a bunch of Stupid People!

What an abysmal farce parliament has become! Facing the biggest crisis since the Second World War we have the ridiculous pantomime of May playing the fool!

Instead of debating issues like grown-ups the Tories play silly games to deflect away from the real issues.

We all deserve better than this!

To see the Public Schools boys and girls jeering and posturing like silly fifth formers is disgusting. Parliament should be a place of deep debate and intelligence – not theatre!

Yes he did! No he didn’t! Behind you! Behind you!

It is utterly pathetic and May and her band of silly schoolkids need to do better!

The country is falling apart around us and all the STUPID WOMAN can offer is a childish Punch and Judy Show!

The reason is quite plain – they want to deflect away from the record of slashing cuts and misery they leave in their wake!

The sooner we get rid of the Stupid Woman and the Stupid People she represents the better!

The trouble is that they are not just silly they are callous, greedy, uncaring, lacking in compassion and doing the country a great deal of harm!

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