Victor Jara – A protest singer from Chile – Tortured and Murdered by Pinochet.

In memory of Victor Jara whose torturers and murderers were sentenced to 15 years yesterday!!

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Victor Jara was a communist. He was a singer of social songs. He sang songs of love and peace as well as Left-wing  songs of struggle and social justice. Victor believed in fairness and human rights.

He supported Salvador Allende who was a communist politician elected by the people of Chile. Phil Ochs met Victor, befriended him and sang with him in support of a miners’ strike.

The USA, as part of its campaign against communism, sought to destabilise Chile under Allende. The CIA used a lot of underhand tactics. It culminated in the support of the fascist military overthrow of the Allende government in a sponsored coup. On September 11th 1973 Allende was murdered and his government overthrown. General Pinochet took over and proceeded to deal with the Allende supporters.

Thousands were rounded up and taken into the football stadium where they were systematically tortured and killed.

Victor Jara taught…

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