A few Yorkshire Churches

As an antitheist it is a bit strange to be dealing with churches. But firstly we were going around them to check out graves and monuments for family history and secondly they are impressive buildings.

Back when people were living in hovels they put all their best architects, builders and artisans into designing these impressive buildings. Every village had one. Towns had two or three and cities were full of them. They were very religious back then but are largely empty now. It is becoming hard to maintain them and many of the smaller churches and chapels are being made into homes or put to other uses. Religion is definitely on the wane over here. If it wasn’t for immigrants they’d all be shut. The old folk that still go are dying off.

But here’s a few of the best:

Supposedly some of my relatives faces are set in this stain-glass window. Strange to think that I am looking at images of my ancestors in stain-glass.

It is quite peculiar to imagine these churches full of people and my ancestors in the congregation. They would have been married, had a number of ceremonies and had their funerals in these churches.

6 thoughts on “A few Yorkshire Churches

  1. You’ve made me smile. I had some time to kill in Santander, and ended spending it in churches. I like haunting graveyards too. Both are good places to meditate. Didn’t you say something recently about how books connect you to the past? Looks like you’re experiencing something similar here.

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