Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind – Lyrics – An early anti-war song. An example of early Dylan ‘Protest’.

These are songs that meant something and woke up a generation.

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The early Bob Dylan had a knack of taking an important subject, such as war, and encapsulating the emotion and presenting the case against in a few words. The songs were simple, had poetic content and were effective. They aroused the sensibilities of a generation and captured the mood of everyone involved. He put into words what everyone was thinking and helped them to make their own feelings and thoughts more concrete. He took us all on a journey into our conscience and helped us empathise and understand in a way nobody else had done. He drew people in so that what started as a small number became a much bigger movement. It fed directly into the late sixties protest movement. I wonder if all the sixties underground would have happened without him.

Albert Grossman recognised the potential (as did the Queen of Folk Joan Baez) and harnessed it. He took…

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6 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind – Lyrics – An early anti-war song. An example of early Dylan ‘Protest’.

  1. Bob Dylan was primarily a poet not a singer, to me his voice had an almost plaintive wail and it was the words he was trying to put across rather than the tune. Blowin’ in the Wind is more than anti war it is anti – foolishness of mankind ; but does he hold out hope or not ? I would suggest he sees no hope even in the longterm. By hope I mean the changing of human nature , breaking free from repetitive mistakes . The answer is blowing in the wind , how true , it is certainly not in global present behaviours. Dylan used the power of chant as have many persuaders before him we are swept up in the emotional impact of the event and we see it today in the huge gatherings at Glastonbury.
    Great orators can also sweep us of our feet ‘ I come to bury Caesar not to Praise him.’ and then the list of praises follows.

    1. Bob was a singer, poet and social commentator for me Kertsen. He highlighted a lot of social issues, civil rights and antiwar and raised my sensibilities. I revere the man. Don’t underestimate the power of his melodies. He created some very great melodies – he was more than just the words. There was synergy.

      1. Hm… I kind of agree with Kertsen about the hope thing, though. I was never very drawn to him. He left me feeling dark inside sometimes and at that age I wasn’t ready to go there.

      2. He awakened many feelings for me. I guess I was in tune with the sensibilities he was putting out. He had a huge impact.
        Good to see you back Cheryl – hope you are on the mend?

      3. I’m plugging along at a snail’s pace! 🙂 Ended up in the ER again with SVT last week (super ventricular tachycardia) and they had to stop my heart for a few seconds to take a picture. THAT was an interesting (and somewhat terrifying) experience. But things are getting straightened out slowly. Fingers crossed. Thanks for asking. 🙂

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