4 thoughts on “The most important document in the whole of history!!

  1. I had not read this complete declaration before but I can already see snags and possible flaws in it. I will take just one example that I’m sure you quoted : education. Education does not necessarily lead to high moral character or a belief in human freedom. There are many highly educated men and women in ISIS. There are also many highly educated persons with extreme ideas such as Hitler who was an artist of some standing and highly intelligent. IQ in itself is no passport to character type ,so if we are deluded into thinking that by educating men and women we will make them more tolerant we are mistaken. It is now realised that the intelligent can and do become radicalized and it is a mind set that is very difficult to break. Religion in its fundamental form pushes its adherents into a mind set or fixed view of the world.

    1. Well thank you for those views Kertsen. I would certainly agree that Hitler and many ISIS people were highly educated but I would suggest that the form of education was limited and wrong.
      Higher IQ does not create better morality. That is also true.
      The education systems around the world do not, in my opinion, spend enough time teaching children to be caring, compassionate and tolerant. That is the problem and that is what needs to happen. I was the Headteacher of a highly successful secondary school and spent thirty six years teaching children to be respectful, responsible, caring, tolerant and empathetic. It worked.
      I created students who were more caring. I laid that out in my book – A Passion For Education – The Story of a Headteacher.
      I passionately believe that we can educate people to be better people and morally superior.
      Having said that I do not underestimate the persuasive powers of radicalisation in either religion or politics. There is a whole major task that needs to be undertaken to prevent fanatics radicalising people. But that is another topic.

  2. I would suggest to you that education does not alter the mind but the mind uses education for its own purposes; therein lies its danger. In fact it can empower the individual to play a larger part in human activity which may not be for the general benefit. Take a look at the world’s past great thinkers ; my goodness how different they were , yet all well read and we’ll educated many far more intelligent than you or I . Sam Harris the famous atheist has suggested we judge our actions by the well-being that they produce, not a bad yardstick. So when I improve my lifestyle I must ask am I producing well-being in others? Knowledge itself can become an obsessive stumbling block especially when it is focused on a narrow field , there is much wisdom in the old saying variety is the spice of life.

    1. Kertsen – I love that yardstick – the well-being in ourselves and others – not always easy to judge. But I don’t agree with you about education – I believe it can permanently alter minds for the better or worse. We need to harness its power to create a better world. My hope for the future lies in education.

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