The First Rock N’ Roll Concert

I like thinking back to those early days. Rock ‘n’ Roll was a big part of my life.

Old time rock and roll

In a generation built upon decades of life altering music and live performances, it is astounding to consider a time prior to Rock N’ Roll music. An age when no one would have had any idea of what you meant when you said, “I’m going to a rock concert tonight.” Organized by the man who coined the term “Rock N’ Roll”, The Moondog Coronation Ball broke this musical barrier and is believed to be the first ever Rock N’ Roll concert.

Often referred to as the “Father of Rock N’ Roll,” Alan Freed was initially known best as “Moondog.” At the start of his career at the Cleveland radio station WJW in 1951, Freed began as a classical music DJ. It wasn’t until friend and local record store (Record Rendezvous) owner, Leo Mintz, approached him sharing the notable growth in his sales of rhythm and blues records to young people…

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One thought on “The First Rock N’ Roll Concert

  1. Rather a “white” young thing’s interpretation of a musical event, isn’t it? Somewhat a pity they know not a lot about Fyfe & Drums bands that create an almighty volume level, or African bands and Steel bands also without any forms of electrical amplification. This is almost as naive as John Lennon’s remark, “Before Elvis there was nothing”. And I still haven’t mentioned the Jazz bands, Swing Bands or dare I say it, a full sized Orchestra! Yup, just nobody ever got their rocks off pre-1951, and I don’t think so.

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