Religious Schools should be banned!!

Religion should be a personal choice for adults – not imposed on children.

Opher's World


I have always been extremely concerned at indoctrination of children. To seed young, impressionable minds with faith ideas at an early age, prior to them being able to reason, I consider to be an abuse.

I can see why the religious are keen on the idea. They know that if they can instil those ideas into a child’s head at an early stage they will have hooked them for life. They will have been psychologically impregnated with religion. They will never be able to remove it. It becomes hard-wired.

Most people see nothing wrong with this. They think of religion as benign, even beneficial; it instils moral values.

I believe it is much more sinister than that.

It is only with the rise of fundamentalism that people are waking up to the harm. We are seeing young children being drilled in religious doctrine, learning tracts by rote, and being taught not to…

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