Indoctrination in Illegal schools, Free Schools and Academies.

These schools need dealing with urgently.

Opher's World


Is this where the next Jihadists are being bred?

Is this a recipe for extremism and division in society?

I think so.

Young children are being illegally indoctrinated by Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and a variety of other cults.

As an ex-headmaster I am appalled.

Illegal Schools

There are many illegal schools set up in all manner of premises in which the only curriculum is a religious text. Instead of learning all the subjects of the national curriculum they are being brainwashed into religion. Instead of being integrated into our culture and values they are being segregated and taught hatred.

This is a scandal. The schools should be closed and the people running them and parents involved prosecuted.

Free Schools

Anyone can set up a free school. You do not require any qualifications or experience. They are being run by total amateurs. Many of them have been set up by…

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