I am a writer.

I’m still quirky!!

Opher's World

I am a writer. I do not write for mainstream markets, target my books or restrict them in any way. Whatever my mind is involved with or I am inspired by, is given full vent. I do not hold back.

My books are as varied as my thoughts.

I do not write in one style or one genre.

I write.

It is passion that drives my words forward, intelligence that hones them and a desire to communicate that is behind all I do. I love writing.

If you have read my blog you know who I am. There is nothing hidden. I have no writing persona. If you like what I write, the ideas, thoughts, dreams, fantasies, fears and nightmares, then you know everything about me.

If you like what you read you may like to read more. My books are my babies. I cherish them. I love telling stories…

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One thought on “I am a writer.

  1. Opher, seriously, if you want to call yourself a writer, by all means desist from too numerous as above sentences beginning with “I”, which indicates a complete lack of language ability. You may put potential readership off.

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