The Voyage Part 8 – Rio Part 2 – Redemption

Rio Redeemed! The sun came out! Up sugarloaf with the vultures!

Opher's World


Day two in Rio started brighter. The sun was shining. Even the birds seemed to be enjoying the sunshine. Hundreds of Frigate birds soared in the blue sky, vultures hung on the up draughts and big flocks of different birds flew in their V formations in all directions. I got off the boat to discover a colourful, yellow night-heron fishing off the hawser.


We’d decided to have a saunter over to the square again, check out the museum, which had just been built and had a remarkable architecture, and have a look round in the sun. That involved a beer at a café and one of those deliciously refreshing coconuts.


The Square looked different in sunshine. Rio was due to host the Olympics and there was a brightly painted block of letters to prove it in the square. Like good tourists we photographed ourselves with the blocks of letters. Then…

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