Buffy St Marie – Carry it On – Lyrics of defiance with hope.

As this post is proving perennially popular I thought it was worth putting out. It is apparent that Buffy has hit the spot with this song.

Opher's World


I don’t know about the praying and God bit but I like the Mother Nature parts. We are all here by incredible luck. The future is uncertain. We have to create it with all the power we have, respect the planet, all life and the people.

The establishment is made up of power-mad psychopaths who put profit before life. We have to make them put life first.

Nature is sacred.

We have to carry that message on through the generations. Life is sacred. Life is more important than money. We need to cherish it. We need to nurture it. We need to protect it.

We can change the world for the better. We can end war, poverty and inequality. It’s all a matter of education, science and sense.

I believe that. I believe in a new positive zeitgeist.

Carry It On
Humans are vulnerable, governments come and go, and Nature…

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