Anthropocene Apocalypse – 3.6 billion years of evolution all interlinked.

Conservation must be the most important issue of all.

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It has taken a staggering 3.6 Billion years for life to have evolved from one single cell in the glutinous soup of oceans that came out of a Billion years of heat, lightning, UV and gamma to create fourteen million species.

We cannot imagine those magnitudes of time. That is why so many people have difficulty understanding evolution.

All life on this planet has evolved to interact and support each other in one huge global web. The variety and splendour is breathtakingly awesome and we should celebrate it with all our hearts.

The green plants process our carbon to produce our food and oxygen.

The animals have feelings and senses analogous to our own.

We all have our habitats and niches and are interlinked.

Together we have changed the world dramatically. We have altered the climate, the atmosphere and weather. The world is how it is because of what life…

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2 thoughts on “Anthropocene Apocalypse – 3.6 billion years of evolution all interlinked.

  1. you are a conservationist, great post, and you are looking for new ways to help heal the planet I imagine, as many are, all you have to do is change the way we see things, or rise the viewing platform, thanks for the post

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