The Blues Muse – Reworked Chapter one – suggestions welcome!

A rather unique book with a light touch – a journey through Rock and Blues – as a novel!

Opher's World


This is the reworked Chapter one to give you a feel of the novel. Does it work for you?

Tutwiler Mississippi

It was a desultory day at the railway station at Tutwiler. The Mississippi August sun was unrelenting and the air thick with moisture. No matter how used I became to the sultry heat, it was draining. The sweat beaded on my skin and refused to evaporate into the over-laden air. My overalls were already sodden and my shirt, with all its many holes, was clinging to my body. My red bandana, tied loosely round my neck, soaked up some of the moisture and stopped the sweat running down my back. It was still early morning and sure to get worse before noon. I was grateful not to be labouring in those fields. My guitar was my passport to an easier life. I wanted free of those plantations and that…

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One thought on “The Blues Muse – Reworked Chapter one – suggestions welcome!

  1. Your knowledge of the bandana needs addressing simply because a bandana would not be a simple one-colour – in this case red. It was and still is a promotional tool printed with such as a pattern of figures depicting an event or a simple advertising slogan. What you have around your neck is what’s commonly known as a kerchief.

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