Anthropocene Apolcalypse – 5 Easy steps to sustain the environment.

It isn’t rocket science. It just requires reining in the greedy, selfish fools who are heading on a nightmare course to nowhere. Unfettered capitalism is a menace.

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Step 1 –Human population.

Reduce human population and maintain it at a sustainable level.

We are currently 7 Billion and heading for 10 Billion. That is at least 2 Billion too many already. We need to take urgent steps to reduce our population to a manageable, sustainable 5 Billion.

This can be achieved by:

a. Creating greater global equality with health care, education, sickness benefit and pensions reducing the need for bigger families

b. Using education and contraception to control family size

c. Use the education and the media to get the message across in whatever form is best coupled with incentives to reduce family size

d. Have wide-spread family planning and abortion centres.

e. Counter religious irresponsibility. The last thing we need is to go forth and multiply!

2. – Prevent Deforestation

The massive irresponsible destruction of our tropical rain-forests is robbing our wild-life of habitat, reducing biodiversity…

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