The Blues Muse – The introduction

The Blues Muse is mighty different.

Opher's World

Arthur Brown 1

The book is beginning to come together. I am now 33 pages into the editing and rewrite. It came out at 156 pages in total so I’m already a fifth of the way in.

This is the introduction – any views, positive, negative, constructive? All greatly appreciated.


This is a novel. This is the often repeated story of Blues and Rock Music but like it has never been told before. My character is the man with no name; the muse, the witness, who has been there through it all. We see everything through his eyes. My character is fictional and I’ve taken liberties with some of the events, and a few of the timings, but the spirit is as real as the day is long. It’s more real than when it happened.

This is Blues and Rock. I have taken the main characters, the important scenes and stepping stones…

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