Tuli Kupferberg Quotes – The Fugs

A bit of a Fug.

Opher's World

Tuli was a founder member of the Fugs and a truly interesting man, poet, singer, songwriter, performer, writer and personality. He was a pacifist and a libertarian. He used a lot of humour!

“There was once a big atomic bomb
That wanted to be a bullet.
His friends all asked why, when he was such a big atomic bomb, he would want to be a tiny bullet.
“I miss”, he sighed, “the personal touch.”
I love this one. Once you had a sword and you had to get close, risk life and limb and apply strength, cunning and skill to kill your foe. It made it all immediate and terrible. You knew exactly what was involved in death – the fear, terror and agony. Now you just press a button and can wipe out millions of faceless people. It’s too easy.
“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”
We need…

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