Who’s to Blame??? The Tory Right-Wing are to blame!!! Plus a bunch of others!!

As the wise man said – ‘To get to the land of happiness and prosperity I would not start from here’.

So who is responsible for this costly unpleasant mess?

There is an evil set of extremists lurking on the periphery of the Tory Party – they are responsible. They are also still in control of the Tory Party and wreaking all manner of havoc.

Once upon a time, long, long ago there was a Tory Party that was a coalition between a wide range of opinion. On one side there were reasonable people who, though they represented the wealthy, wanted a harmonious land. On the other extreme were a bunch of lunatic xenophobic, arrogant Little Englanders – the rabid Right. They wanted Britain apart from the rest of the world and, because they thought they were superior, wanted everything for themselves and looked down on 95% of the British people let alone ‘foreigners’. They sang Rule Britannia at the top of their voices and wanted Britain to be like it was long ago when the rich lived in Stately Homes with servants and the privileged had private schooling and the hoi polloi lived in slums and were exploited.

The extreme had to be controlled but needed to be kept on side because their votes were needed. So every now and then they were fed a bit of raw meat.

The trouble was that there were a number of them and they caused a lot of trouble. They wanted to split from Europe, to bring back Grammar Schools, Fox Hunting and introduce more privatisation so that they and their chums could make more money. They wanted to deregulate, cut wages and reduce public spending so that the rich could make more money. They wanted to crush trade unions and remove safety so that there was more profit.

Thatcher employed them. John Major was toppled by them and Cameron tried to appease them. Cameron needed them on board for the close election. He bribed them with the promise of a referendum. It was appeasement, nothing more. He never believed they could possibly win. He thought it was going to be another coalition and he could renege and blame the Lib-Dems. Against the odds Cameron won the election. Cameron had to honour his referendum promise.

The rabid right were delighted. In unholy league with the madman Farage they began plotting – Davies, Fox, Rees-Mogg, Gove, Douglas-Smith and their heinous bunch of nutcases. All would have been well except that the Buffoon Johnson jumped in. Always a chancer. He was a Remainer but saw the opportunity to raise his capital. He had his eye on leadership. Cameron was off soon and Boris thought he could be the man in waiting.

Nothing went to plan. Instead of a close contest raising his cache, against all the odds, against all logic and reason, built on a campaign of lies and deception, slogans (who can forget project fear and the ignoring of all experts) and misinformation, aided by a pathetic campaign from Cameron, Osborn and Corbyn, they won.

Boris was projected prematurely forward.

Boris was then fatally knifed by Gove.

What followed was a bloodbath and May wielded her cutlass behind the scenes – who can forget the vitriol and abuse that chopped Angela Leadsom down (though none of it traceable to Theresa). The Remainer who had sat on the fence biding her time now swooped like a vulture. The moderates were banished and she girded herself with the most rabid unleashing a litany of extremes – Grammar Schools, Fox hunting, Religious Schools, Public Service cuts, Social Care cuts, Police cuts, tax cuts for the rich and corporations.

May was bathed in the arrogance of the smarmy, triumphant right-wingers and believed she could walk on water. The internal opposition (moderates) were fled licking their wounds (they’ve gone to make their millions taking their slogan ‘we’re all in it together’ with them). The right was on a rampage – Hard Brexit – Fuck Europe!!

So Who was to blame for this costly mess???

The Rabid Right-Wingers for being loonies.

Osborn and Cameron for calling the referendum.

Johnson for selfishly campaigning leave for all the wrong reasons.

Corbyn for not running a poor uninspiring stay campaign.

Gove  for stabbing Boris.

And May for being opportunistic, selfishly ambitious, duplicitous and putting her own lust for power above the good of the country.

Now we have a mess. Brexit will cost us a fortune and has already caused mayhem and cost us all dear in so many ways. The rabid right wing are still in control and coming out with their extreme policies. Now we have a coalition with the DUP who are a bunch of parochial religious nutters some of whom believe in creationism and they suddenly have immense power and will be pulling the strings.

What a mess.

If I wanted a happy prosperous land I wouldn’t start from here.

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