Why Rock Music is so important. My life Rocks.

A little more of the story.

Opher's World

opher & Bo Diddley 1980 Opher looking ecstatic with Bo Diddley after a gig in Hull in 1982

I was born in 1949 so I lived through most of the Rock era. As I lived in London in the sixties and seventies I had the opportunity to see most of the big names around. Back then you could see most people in small clubs for minimum prices. A band like Pink Floyd would cost a mere 12p. I saw Led Zeppelin in a small club for 25p, Jimi Hendrix at the Albert Hall for £1. Three day festivals were about £1.50. Those were the days. There was no security so you could wander up and chat to people. As seventeen year olds we wandered into the front of stage press enclosure, with biro written Press Badges on fag packets stuck to our jackets, at the Windsor Jazz and Blues Festival and saw Cream perform up close. As…

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