Featured book – In Search of Captain Beefheart – An extract

This is my most popular book on Rock Music.

Opher's World


The day the world Rocked

It was sometime early in 1963 and I was sitting in Tony Humm’s bedroom as he sat me down and told me to listen to this. I had never seen Tony so animated and excited about music; he usually only got this worked up over snakes. We were not ones for playing a lot of music. Tony was my animal collecting friend and track bike making friend not a music buff.

I am a collector as I have previously explained. It isn’t just music and musical memories I collect. I collect anything that appeals to me. I had what was loosely called a museum at home. It has fossils and minerals that I collect with Billy. It has shells which I collect with my mother. It has butterflies, moths and insects that I collected with Jeff and Clive. It has birds’ eggs that I bought…

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One thought on “Featured book – In Search of Captain Beefheart – An extract

  1. I think it’s time you addressed that nonsense about your pal playing side 2 with I Saw Her Standing There on it. That copy must be worth a small fortune.

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