The Doors – Unknown Soldier – Anti-war lyrics with theatre.

At their best – theatre, anger and politics!!

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The Doors and Jim Morrison were never shy of putting their views across. They were hard-edged and political, uncompromising.

When Jim did his anti-war songs he put everything into it. This song was not only lyrically poetically clear in it’s message but he married to the theatrical element of a mock execution. On stage he would be shot and writhe about. It was something to behold.

Back then we were watching the terrible images of what was going on with every TV newsflash. Nothing was censored. We saw little girls being encased in billowing livid napalm, civilians having their brain blown out in graphic detail. You could watch gruesome death while eating your cornflakes. We were in no doubt about the horror, indiscriminate killing and agony.

The government soon learnt. All future wars were heavily censored and sanitised.

“The Unknown Soldier”

Wait until the war is over
And we’re both…

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