Bob Marley – Small Axe – Lyrics concerning the establishment and their inevitable fall.

Trump and Brexit!! What greater call to protest and fight for equality, fairness and freedom?

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The world has a number of arrogant, greedy people who selfishly believe they are better than everyone else, deserve a bigger slice and are prepared to lay waste to the world to get it.

They plunder and destroy without thought to the cost.

They have no feelings for the wild-life, environmental destruction or human tragedy their leave in their wake. All that matters is their own wealth, power, pleasure and opulence.

They will cost us all the planet if we let them.

Bob’s song is about their inevitable downfall. They need putting in their place. They are digging a pit for themselves. They need chopping down and putting in it!

My weapons are my words!

“Small Axe”
Why boasteth thyself
Oh, evil men
Playing smart
And not being clever?
I said, you’re working iniquity
To achieve vanity (if a-so a-so)
But the goodness of Jah, Jah
I-dureth for-I-ver

So if…

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