Opher’s World – Tributes to Rock Genius – Chris Barber

Some unsung heroes pave the way for what is to come. Without Chris it might not have happened.

Opher's World

If you like Rock Music, in the widest sense, you’ll find my book of tributes quite interesting. This is my bit on Chris Barber.


Chris Barber

Chris Barber is the unsung Grandfather of British Blues and Rock. He is still regarded as a Trad Jazz performer, and did stay true to that style of music throughout, but he was so much more important than that. Single-handedly he did three incredible things that transformed the music scene in Britain.

Firstly he encouraged and facilitated the introduction of a scaled-down unit in his act that focussed on simple versions of American Folk-Blues. The sub-group was led by Lonnie Donnegan and they went from having a short set in the interval at the middle of Chris Barber’s act to becoming an over-night sensation and starting the whole Skiffle Boom of the fifties. The Beatles and every other Beat group in the country started…

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