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This is what it’s about! A living history! As it was!

Opher's World


A scan through here might reveal a little of the scope of the novel. It wasn’t easy finding plausible scenarios but I think I achieved it.

What comes across to you?


Dedication                                                      2

About the Author                                           3

Index                                                               4

Introduction                                                    7

Tutwiler Mississippi                                        9

Crystal Springs                                                12

Lula                                                                 15

Rolling Fork                                                    18

Yazoo                                                              19

The Crossroads                                               20

Clarkesdale                                                     22

Baton Rouge to New Orleans                         25

All at sea with Guthrie                                    29

New York                                                       31

Riding the blinds to California                       32

Briefly Mississippi                                          34

Nashville                                                         36

Mississippi Reprise and on to Chicago           39

McComb                                                         40

Tupelo                                                             42

Chicago                                                           44

White Station Mississippi                               48

Memphis                                                         53

New Orleans and Specialty                            58

Georgia and the South                                                60

Screamin’ and Flamin’ in the South               63

Back to Chicago                                             65

Lubbock Texas                                                71

Memphis again and Nashville again               75

Graceland                                                        78

Up in Canada                                                  80

New York                                                       81

New York Blues                                             84

Louisiana                                                        …

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