I reblogged this for Raili! 100 years – worth celebrating!

Tanssitytön blogi

Hello again, dear readers!
It’s soon new year. I can’t believe where did this year go…again. It’s always the same thing. I’m always wondering where that 365 days goes. It just flyes away everytime…and every year “is shorter” than the last one…and every time I will be older and older…

This new year is a big celebration for finnish cause we’re celebrating our 100 years of independent. Let’s see what this celebration includes. I hope this year is very good for Finland and for finnish people…and ofcaurse everybody else too…around the world!

I wanted to ask you have you made some new years promises to your selves? I haven’t. It’s never been my habit. Maybe I should try it this year. If I just find out what to promise.

I have also wondered how people celebrate christmas around the world. I know I can get the answer from…

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