Music I do not like!

Most music I can enjoy – some more than others – but there are some things I do not like. They irritate me.

These include Abba, Queen, Eagles, the Rat Pack, Gram Parsons and Tom Jones.

I don’t know why I dislike them so much. Any suggestions?

What are your pet dislikes?

44 thoughts on “Music I do not like!

  1. West-coast psychedelic garbage – Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane
    West-coast singer songwriters that bore me to death
    Loggins & Messina etc
    Country & Western
    Commercial country music from Nashville
    Anything of American “Rawk” with poodle perm hair
    Bon Jovi
    Most singer songwriters from UK – too many to mention
    Joan Armatrading
    Ralph McTell
    Most punk bands from UK – the 2nd phase copy cat crew, too many to mention
    The Police
    The Boomtown Rats
    Big Country
    Orange Juice
    Aztec Camera
    The Style Council
    The Pogues
    Most of the shoe-gazing post-punk Indie crew
    Ragga- Reggae
    Death Metal
    Speed Metal
    Drum n’ Bass
    Sinead O’Connor

    without even thinking about it.

    • Well I could have gone on. I can agree with most of that though I am quite keen on Jefferson Airplane and have even recently got into the Dead and I’m partial to the Pogues and I do like a number of singer-songwriters. Boomtime Rats were never my fav but Geldof was surprisingly brilliant. But a good list of stuff to dislike!

  2. I dislike Morrissey, his music and his way of thinking. He moans as if he’s the one and only miserable man in the world and that pretentious soul wants to get paid tons of money for it. But most of all I don’t like the man because he’s an idiot. Recently he called racist and hate preacher Nigel Farage a ‘liberal educator’! Hello? What a fool you are, Mozzer!

      • You know sfa about his music!
        You quite obviously never heard either “Your Arsenal” or “You Are The Quarry”.
        Boring?! – not in your life are these albums boring!
        Opher, you could not be further off the radar if you tried.

      • You miss the point – I find him boring. I have a number of well-respected friends with great taste who love him. I find him boring. I have the albums and have given him a go. I obviously don’t get it. He doesn’t connect with me. That’s all. Some things I like and some I don’t.

    • I can immediately discount at least 3 of your points.

      1. you completely fail to understand that he’s taking the piss out of mediocrity and Mr Middle England. He isn’t moaning, but laughing AT them. Big difference.
      2. he has written a number of anti-racist songs, with “The National Front Disco” probably being his most well regarded.
      3. he is one of the few big name performers who isn’t ripping his fans off on ticket prices. I saw him not that long ago in a small 1,000 seat theatre for a ticket price of £15.

      • I accept your three points but also have read about his flirtation with right-wing politics and Nazi stuff. What’s that about?
        But at the end of the day I don’t get off on the music – just not for me. We all have different tastes and preferences.
        Convince me about one great album and, when my system is running again, I’ll give it another go.

      • 1/ Here’s you’re hero …. Morrissey to a Warsaw crowd in 2011 after the Norway Massacre, in which 77 people died: “That is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried shit every day” 2/FYI the cheapest price for his gigs in Antwerp a couple of years ago was 55 euro 3/ I’m sure you hate Johnny Marr 4/ Enjoy your turkey

      • In part it’s about being jerked over in USA by Jews running the music industry. Being told which songs he can or cannot include on an album for release in USA.
        He stuck two fingers up to them and left, telling them to stick their contract where the sun don’t shine. Hence, no records for quite some time.
        In part his disgust at the decimation of English civil life by millions of immigrants whom have no interest in integrating.
        He abhors this.
        Nothing out of the ordinary really.

        I’m quite sure that if you do indeed own any of his albums then you’ll already know which ones to play.
        I already mentioned two.

      • JL – you really don’t get it do you?
        No, he’s not my “hero”. I don’t do “heroes”, but I do think that several of his albums are very good. As perhaps also do the 80,000 people that crammed into the arena for his Glastonbury Festival appearance a while back.
        He’s a confirmed Vegan and demonstrates against the brutal killing of animals. Whether or not either you or I for that matter would agree that animals have as much rights as fellow humans is a matter of debate.
        In many respects, like it or not, many people live their lives like lambs being led to slaughter. Blind and stupid.
        Ticket prices are determined by a) venue hire costs b) the scale of the stage production c) the greed of the promoters who sell the show d) local taxation charges on the artist that are subsequently built into the ticket prices e) Europe has always charged considerably more for tickets for foreign visiting artists. When I lived in Berlin in the early 1980’s, tickets were 3 times that of the UK.
        So, what’s your point exactly?

        What’s Johnny Marr got to do with it? He parted company with Morrissey in 1987. Get up to speed please.

      • Opher, quite obviously you never heard their final album “The Visitors”, which knocked about 95% of anybody else’s albums that came out around then right into touch.
        You most probably never heard anything other than their top 40 singles.
        Why is it that so many top level musicians rate them highly?
        Were you able to read music charts you’d just might then understand the complexities of their music.
        And could these two girls sing!

      • No I haven’t heard Visitors – not that I know of. Their arrangements are good and the girls can sing – sorry – not my cup of tea.

      • So how can you diss something so brilliantly created?
        They were one of, perhaps the best pop group ever.
        Not that I sit and listen to them, but I can certainly appreciate their merits.

      • I don’t diss them. I don’t like them. Big difference. There are lots of brilliant musicians that I don’t like and some not so good that I do. It’s a matter of taste. If you like them fine. Millions do. I don’t.

  3. I like pretty much everything except headbanger stuff and rap. Can’t STAND rap. It is NOT music. I love the Eagles, Tom Jones (:D She’s a Lady is my favorite) and the Rat Pack for sure. You don’t like Sinatra??? I’m shocked!

    • No sorry. I’m glad to see that I still occasionally have the power to shock. My favourites are Roy Harper, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Son House, Elmore James, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Phil Ochs and Bruce Springsteen.

      • Springsteen? a 2nd rater if ever there was one.
        The most over rated along with the likes of Elton John.

        As for Son House, if you heard one song, you’d heard them all.

      • Springsteen I like, though only a certain period, and I can see why you would make the comparison with Elton. As for Son House – only a few songs but what songs! I fell in love with Death Letter when I was eighteen. It has such power.

      • It seems to me you never moved on much in terms of musical intelligence since you were 18, considering the constant mention of the same list of people.
        Yet on the other hand you say you only like bits of stuff of a few of them. How does that figure? I’d have to like a lot more than a few bits for them to qualify as my all time favourites.
        I doubt very much that I’d be likely to find something like Scott Walker’s “The Drift” album in your collection.
        I think it would probably do your head in.

      • Musical intelligence? What’s that other than a put-down? I’m talking about musical tastes. I like a number of newish bands/people but haven’t found anyone who compares in my mind to Dylan, Cohen or Beefheart. Perhaps we are products of the age we grew up in? But I’ve greatly enjoyed new discoveries (for me) like White Stripes, Eels, Jake Bugg, David Gray, PJ Harvey, Billy Bragg/Wilco, Junior Kimbrough, RL Burnside, North Mississippi Allstars, James Varda, Ian Siegal. But they are not in the same league. I do tend to go back to the likes of Young, Dylan, Cohen, Blues, Beefheart, Hendrix, Floyd, Ochs, Guthrie and Cream.
        If I was purely into musical expertise I’d be playing classical.
        As for Scott Walker – I have listened but did not really get into – so not in my collection. Maybe one day.
        As for rating artists on the basis of one or two albums – There’s a number of them. Elvis, Little Richard, Linton Kwesi and Love come to mind. You could say the same about the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and a host more. If it is a brilliant album or two then I rate them.

      • No, it’s not a put-down, but a general observation.
        But I would say that musical intelligence is very much reflected by one’s taste. You completely misunderstand by referring to musical expertise. That is a whole other subject.
        I’m talking about breadth and scope and a much wider area than the weeny one that you’re firmly stuck in.
        No, I don’t agree that we are only products of the age we grew up in, otherwise I’d still be listening to T.Rex and the likes that were the first records that I bought aged 12. T.Rex were around until 1977, but I’d left them 5 years earlier having experienced ever slightly more sophisticated sounds.
        You only mention what are basically just 2 types of music, Blues and Folk, most of which all hails from 40-70 years ago; the majority of which are not particularly musically interesting or breaking into new ground. Emperor’s new clothes.

      • I’m not sure my musical tastes are limited to Blues and Folk. I like some Reggae, West Coast, Psychedelic, Heavy Metal, Country, East Coast, Punk, Rock ‘n’ Roll. R&B, New Wave and Pop. Quite enough of a range for me. Elvis Costello, Ian Dury and Stiff Little Fingers are hardly Blues or Folk neither is Otis Redding or James Brown. Beatles, Stones, Floyd and Hendrix take it elsewhere. I’m happy with my own limited tastes. Dylan, Young and Harper are not my idea of Folk either. I’m diverse enough and still open to new ideas. I even bought Rainer and the Red Devils on your rec.

      • Again, all of which are from decades past, all very well known stuff.
        I’ll have just about every album by most of them and hundreds of bootlegs, too.
        But I also listen to a lot of off the radar stuff.

      • You are surely joking to suggest that Son House, Phil Ochs or James Varda were the best of anything!
        I’d put all 3 into the guilty pleasures box.

      • Funny how a while back I said that in the grand scheme of things, Son House was a bit of a one trick pony and very much 2nd division compared to many others around the same time. I think I may have even listed some of them off, too. And you agreed!

      • Son has more than one trick. John the Revelator, Pearline and Death Letter are all different. I like him because of his driving slide guitar style which is rough, raw and strident like no other, his voice which I find rich and interesting and his personality which comes through. I agree that he is not as proficient but I still like him better than the others. When I saw him with Skip James, Bukka White and Big Joe Williams he was the one I hadn’t heard of but who stood out and brought the whole place to its feet. It was a stunning performance that rates as one of the best I’ve seen.

      • In my book, John The Revelator is a very boring and repetitive dirge, it’s relentless in repetition.
        Death Letter isn’t all entirely his own, as he pinched the third verse from a Mamie Smith song that she had recorded in 1929.
        I could list you at least several dozen far more accomplished Blues people than him.

        But hey, that’s why people bought Wombles and Joe Dolce records. Each to his own.

      • It is unlikely that he ever sung Death Letter the same twice in a row. He stole verses from here and there and changed them around. I still love it though.

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