Here’s to a Cool Yule


Loudhailer Electric Company

Wishing all our friends the coolest of Yules! Come and join us for a drive through our Lego Winter Village, see if you can spot the real Father Christmas…

Thanks to everyone who’s linked up with us this year, visited our website, been to our gigs, played our Loudhailer Electric Company album, been to Loudhailer Acoustic, invited us to play and shared the stage with us. We’ve had lots of fun this year, here’s to the next one!

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

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8 thoughts on “Here’s to a Cool Yule

  1. OK Opher, I gather you like them… a lot. However, given the zero interest as expressed on all the blogs made ever since you photographed them a while back, may this be the last?
    I watched their video clip and honestly had I been there, I’d have left, as they struck me as the dull as dishwater sort of thing that only their families and friends could endure.

      1. The woman cannot sing to save her life!
        Her bass playing is abysmal.
        The guitar player – who looks like he’s no novice is a one note at a time player. He’s crap.
        The drummer thinks he’s still in the Boys Brigade.

      1. It’s incredible what they do with that stuff! Our oldest son was hooked from age 2. He created his own designs from all the left over little bits when he had enough of them.

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